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    Your Next Level is Waiting!

Life Transformation 

My signature one-on-one LIFE TRANSFORMATION coaching program will help you become an author, speaker or launch a business with income earning potential in just 12 weeks!

Life Transformation Coaching Program - For Movers and Shakers who are ready to make a change Only! Women committed to achieving goals, getting out of their own way, and establishing a legacy.

This program is designed specifically to help you discover your purpose and passion. Develop a course of action and accountability to help clients bring their visions to life and attain their goals. 

Here's what our next 3 months together will look like:

The Life Transformation Coaching program is built on a foundation of respect, trust, communication, integrity, and honesty.  

PLUS Bonus: 
A 3-month follow-up of (monthly calls)

This coaching program provides support and accountability offering strategies, resources, information, and feedback. In addition, Monique will assist the

client in developing and reaching attainable goals with strong deadlines.

If you are willing to do the work, Monique is committed to helping you get there!

Investment : $997


  • How much time will I have to commit?
    You will have to commit to one hour sessions a week over the next 3 months plus an extra 3-4 hours building and implementing what you have learnt.
  • What if it doesn't work, do I get a Refund?"
    This program have been tested and proven and can only fail if you dont put out the time and effort that is needed. I’ve seen the transformation I provide, but truthfully, only you know the answer to that question. Are you worth the investment? Is your purpose worth it? I know where people like you are - on the verge of a big breakthrough but scared, and I’ve heard every excuse in the book. You have two choices: invest and build a reputable career or invest more time and money figuring it out alone.
  • What are your package levels & pricing?
    Packages rnges from $997 depending on the coaching package that you choose. You can make a one time payment or opt for the payment plan option.
  • Will I get to speak and work with Monique directly?
    Yes. You will have access to Monique throughout the 3 months you are working together.
  • I've been burned by so-called experts before, so why should I trust you?"
    I know how hard it is out there to find the perfect person to work with. I’ve seen so many clients burned and ghosted and I hate to see it. I pride myself in ensuring that everyone is happy and satisfied with the end results after every program.
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