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Expert On:​
  • Personal Development | Transformation

  • Confidence | Women Empowerment

  • Finding Self-love| Embracing Self-worth

  • Finding Your Voice | Narrating Your Story

Experience In:
  • Human Resources

  • Leadership

  • Training

  • Compliance

  • Workforce Development

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging

Monique's knowledge and practical experience help women:


  • Transform their mindset and gain self-empowerment

  • Understand that they are in control of their destiny and can achieve greatness  

  • Gain clarity on their passion and purpose

  • Plan, prepare and position themselves for success

  • Provide supervisors and managers with Human Resource, Compliance, and Performance Management training 

  • Provide career workshops, resume writing, interview skills, and utilizing AI for job search training

  • Provide diversity and empowerment training for all staff to promote healthy and productive work environments

  • Provide empowerment and motivational training for at-risk population youth and adult populations to overcome obstacles and take action


  • Establish a connection with your audience through relevant humor and a content-rich message with takeaways

  • Share practical strategies that are easy to implement

  • Help you to Master Your Mindset to Create A Life You Love

  • Help you to Unveil & Unleash the Power of Your Story

As a Keynote Speaker, Monique will:

Corporations & Organizations

Business Meeting

Most Requested Speaking Topics:

The CAKE Formula (Confidence, Attitude, Kindness, Excellence)

Being a Storm Rider - Overcoming Obstacles to Reach Success,

Planning for Promotion ( Get Your Mind right for excellence)

Get Your BOSS On (Become the person you are meant to be)

Going for the Goal (Leveling up to boss status !)


Get Your BOSS On Workbook!

Become The Person You Were Destined To Be...

Do you need a Personal Development Plan? Are you ready to ATTACK Your GOALS? Are you ready to change from having a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset?


Are you tired of being stuck in the same place Year after Year, doing the same thing?

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