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I didn't leave a tip.

Personal growth and development requires you to step out of your comfort zone. It requires you to do things that you've never done and have the courage to go against the grain. Going against the grain could be habits, values that you were taught and even societal norms. It requires being committed to you.

Taking a stand.

On Friday, I went to the nail salon for a fill in and a pedicure. I became extremely frustrated when the technician finished my pedicure in less than fifteen minutes. That's right! Fifteen minutes. I felt like I sat down, turned on the chair massager and the technician started polishing. I was so busy in my phone, I never payed attention to the services being performed. So, I asked the technician if she was done, she said "yes" and proceeded to apply the gel polish. I said "you barely did anything!" In a rush, she kept saying "done" and wanted me to wait until she was finished polishing. So she finished the polish and said "see, pretty." I just looked at her and shook my head. At that moment, there were two things I knew. One, I would never go to this technician again and two, she was not getting a tip. Next up was my fill in (by my usual technician) and I struggled the entire time thinking whether or not I should tip the pedicure tech. Of course it would not be my usual tip but it would be something because after all, she did provide a service and it would be the right thing to do, common courtesy. Bottom line, I did not give her a tip. She provided a horrible service, did not listen to my feedback and did a rush job so she could take more customers. Now, I've been dissatisfied before, but always left a tip because I was taught that no matter what it's the right and proper thing to do. But not on Friday! Now some of you may relate and some may not. For me this was a growth step. This was taking a stand and it felt good. It's the small daily acts, decisions and actions that propel you into being the total BOSS of YOU. The small steps and actions of putting you first and not allowing others to treat you in a way that works for them and not for you.

Saturday April 10th 9am

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